Increasing Sales At Escorts Agency

One of the new girls at our London escorts agency recently complained about what we girls affectionally call our sales rate. Well, you know what it is like. Even when you work for an outcall escorts agency you need to keep an eye on the bottom line. Many girls who are new to London escorts often find growing sales difficult and some girls give up on outcall London escorts without even asking advice.

You can do very well when you work for London escorts, but it is like any other business. You have to love everybody and that includes even your worst clients. As a matter of fact, your worst clients are often your most profitable clients. Many of them have used and dating girls at other London escorts service. The girls at these escorts services have not looked after them very well, and they have moved on. However, when you look after these “London escorts rejects” you can do very well.

Since I have been working for London escorts I have met some men who are very nice, and then again, I have met rather a few London escorts rejects. Unlike other girls at our London escorts agency, I have battled through and really looked after these gents. As a consequence, I have become one of the more successful escorts at our escort agency in London. Sure, I know that they are not the greatest people to have around, but it does pay well.

Most of the guys are very grateful for what you can do for them. Unlike the guys who try to be a little posh and buy you lots of gifts, these guys will tip you in cash. Since I have been dating them, I have made lots more money and not really had to touch much of the money that I have in my bank account. Sure, I pay my grocery bill and direct debits, but all of the rest of my spending money comes from my London escorts reject clients. I have even had to install a safe to keep my extra cash safe.

I know that it is crazy, and some of the girls I work with at London escorts don’t know how I can do it, but I just get on with it. It is like anything else in life. You need to learn how to take the rough with the smooth. I am one of those girls who can just close her eyes and move on. Sure, not all dates are great, but the good ones more than make up for that. Getting extra tips help as well, and I am happy to do deal with awkward people if there is an extra reward available at the end of the date. That is what the new girls at our London escorts service should focus on as well.

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