Better Sex with one Partner

My mom has been married to my dad for thirty years. We are open with each and can talk about most things with another. The other weekend I had a bit of a break from London escorts and I popped out to see her in Chiswick where she lives with my dad. My dad was away so we could have some time out for a chat. The thing is that I have met this really nice guy and I like to spend more time with him. Most London escorts at Ace Sexy Escorts find it hard to establish relationships but I have actually managed rather well.


To be honest, I wanted my mom to tell me what it would be like to make love to the same person for the rest of my life. The girls at London escorts keep telling me that I would get bored with my boyfriend, but I am not so sure about that. I think my friends at London escorts have a slightly different attitude towards relationships than I do. My mom and dad seem to be so happy together so I wanted to know what the secret is to happiness.


My told me that it is not all about sex. It is important to have good lines of communication as well. Somehow she said that makes the sex better. She went on to explain that she was very close to my father and could actually tell what she enjoyed in bed. A few of my dates at London escorts say that they cannot talk to their partners at all, and my says it is really important to talk about everything. My mom does talk a lot, and if some of my dates at London escorts were married to my mom, they might be happier.


My mom said that it is important to keep things fresh. She had a late baby with dad, and she says that helped a lot. My dad had apparently felt really viril becoming a dad at the age of 50 again, and that had boosted like their sex lives. She also said that dad makes her feel sexy. I think that is important and I know that many of my dates at London escorts complain that they don’t feel sexy. I can see how it can happen when you have been together for a long time.


I would like to think that one day I can hang up my London escorts and be as happy as mom and dad. My sister is 14 years old and is the apple of my dad’s eye. He spends a lot of time with her and he is the youngest 64 year old that I know. As a matter of fact, he does not look give at all. My mom is 50 years old this year, but does not look. All of my friends at London escorts think it is down to great sex. I think it could be but it also down to loving each other a lot. Like my mom said, you need to tell your partner that you love him every day. Apparently, my sister says mom and dad are always snogging and have champagne breakfast in bed every moment.

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