London escort top tips on how to get a man to notice you.

Many women struggle to get the right man to pay them any attention. Society and the world has changed men no longer caught women and women no longer have to play the damsel in distress to get their attention. It seems now according to London escorts that the more independent strong and focused a woman is the more attractive she is. Apparently men like a strong woman.


Although I understand the notion of the damsel in distress and the fact that it’s old-fashioned I’m not quite sure whether or not an independent strong woman really does attract men today. With the whole gender fluidity he equal rights feminism and the modern way of thinking about sexuality hi I don’t think one rule fits all. Other London escorts would agree with me hey they have done some research and come up with these five key steps to getting a man to notice you.


London escort at City of Eve Escorts say that there are different types of men so there are different types of approaches to how to get them to notice you.


One: you can go the old school way and play the damsel in distress. You can come with a very traditional story of how a man did you bad you’ve been heartbroken your vulnerable yet innocent at the same time. Apparently according to London escorts there is still a percentage of men who fall for this story each and every time.


Two: you can be the CEO of your own company your own life many men love a boss bitch. According to London escorts a large percentage of men are fed up of being the head of the household they’re fed up of being in control I want to take a more submissive role this is why they are attracted to the boss bitch.


Three: you can be the freak in the sheets but the lady in public. This notion is one that many men have fantasies about. They want a woman who they can take out at like the perfect submissive gentle graceful respectable woman but as soon as those bedroom doors close they want to see the downright dirty on you. London escort say this literally turns men on.


Four; you can be the perfect homemaker. A lot of men love the traditional ideals of having a mother like figure at home. London escort say that it reminds them of what it was like to live with their mothers and they like to re-create that with their wives at home.


Five: you can be the adventurous chick. Now when I asked London escorts what they meant by the adventurous chick they didn’t mean someone who likes to do extreme sports. What they meant was a woman who would keep a man on their toes. Example London escorts gave me was a woman who is not willing to commit in the sense of getting married kept exclusivity between the relationship however often created shade and ignore their partner to keep them interested.


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