Why is it so hard to just get good sex

Why is it so hard to just get good sex. You would think that it will be an easy straightforward thing. You have a desire and you have that desire for filled. But actually it’s a lot more tricky than that. And when I’m not dating men at Charlotte Bromley escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts/ I do go out and personally date other guys. And what I seem to have found is that none of them are any good in bed. Now without making myself sound really bad I slept for quite a few men and my job role in Charlotte Bromley escorts means that I date quite a few to say it’s not like I don’t know about the opposite sex I know very much about the opposite sex. But it still doesn’t help me when I’m trying to figure out why is that no one seems to be able to satisfy me in a bed.

The girls at Charlotte Bromley escorts and I have discussed this multiple times and we reckon it comes down to a few fundamental things.

First of all we have the man who think that everything needs to be a re-enactment of a porn movie. The girls at London escort’s and I think that porn has actually ruin the concept of sex. Watching porn and being aroused by it is one thing but actually believing and feeding into the fantasy that it is then having that being confused with what the reality of sex is is where the problem lies. Porn is not real sex in never has been and it never will be. The girls at London escort and I laughed our heads off for the amount of times that stupid man have tried to re-enact porn with the miniature size decks and total lack of coordination it ends up making them look really pathetic and totally turns us women off.

Second of all we have the lazy ass man. This is a man who quite simply doesn’t wanna put any effort into having sex with that be the foreplay or even The intimacy after penetration. They just think that they can shove it in thrust a few times come and then fall asleep. It’s so sad that this happens so often that the girls are London escort and I even have a list of men and their telephone numbers so we know not to respond if ever they were to call for a hook up.

I think the third reason is one where men can feel under so much pressure to perform like porn stars that they themselves regress and don’t put any original effort or thought into the act. London escort tonight tend to feel sorry for these type of man because there is so much pressure put upon them that they have no room for original or romantic thought when it comes to these things. I guess the girls from London has got tonight with just like meant to take a little bit more time in exploring and the idea of real sex.


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