My life is a pile of rubbish, but when I meet a Bexley Escorts I became alive

Before I met a gorgeous lady in Bexley, who worked for Bexley Escorts from, I really have a hell of a life. We know that life does not always seem right and sometimes dark. People have difficulties and struggle to face. And it feels like it doesn’t leave us and disappear. Our problems won’t ever leave us and it going us crazy thinking about it from time to time. Many of us suffer illness because of being loaded with problems, such as depression and anxiety. Nowadays, depression and anxiety became more trending illness because of too much pressure asked by the society and bigger issues along the way. You know that when you have many problems, it’s hard to go on with life. Your life becomes miserable, and you go with the flow. When you’re already used with difficulties, you do not mind it anymore and accept whatever happened. And sometimes, you want to end life. Suicide has been reported to become more rampant, the main issue with this issues in life. When you are overloaded and no one to express your problems, you tend to keep it by yourself and slowly swallowed by your emotions, and that’s why you choose to end your life. Having someone to be with you is everything, it helps you ease the pain and go through your life.


My name is Kevin, twenty-nine years of age and live in Bexley, London England. If you have known the place, it’s one of the beautiful and amazing places in London. You will find here beautiful parks and clean beaches. A perfect place to relax and calm your mind. A place where all your favorite foods are served. But despite all those beautiful things, I still have no reason to wake up each day. Do you ever wish in your life not to wake up and continue sleeping for the rest of your life? Well, yes it happened to me, and almost every day I wish for it. My life had ended when my family went to the accident, and in all, I am the only one survived. It’s hard to imagine the tragedy, and now, I wish I was with them too. My sadness and loneliness are slowly killing me. I have worked but eventually, get fired because of continuous absent. I prefer to isolate myself and starve than go out without reason. Until I met Jane, she is a beautiful and loving woman. We met each other at the park when she saw me lying and pity me. She gave me foods and drinks; it’s because I look pale. She helps me to forget the pain and gave me positive thoughts. Eventually, when I am with her, I choose to live my life again. She gave me reasons to fight and look forward. My life is a pile of rubbish, but when I meet a Bexley Escorts, I became alive.

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