My Imperfect Past

My past is anything but perfect. I did not leave school with that many qualifications. School had not really been for me at all. I simply did not seem to have the patience to sit there and learn things which I did not think would be for me at all. Most of the kids in my class were really smart, and I was a lot more practical. That was eventually what made me realise that going onto a higher education was not going to be for me at all. I left school, but did not immediately move onto working for London escorts.

I never even thought or knew about London escorts agency when I left school. It was not the sort of thing you did when you were 16 years old. Instead of finding myself a job in the adult industry right away, I went onto work in a shop. I soon realised that I enjoyed working with people, and many of the customers in the shop liked me. It was a men’s outfitters in East London, and you can kind of say that it put me on the road to working for London escorts.

It did not make me very long to figure out that I was pretty good at looking after men. They seemed to like me, and I sort of had met a lot of men who really seemed to enjoy my company. One of the guys who used to come into the shop owned a bar in the area, and asked me if I wanted a part time job. Before I knew it, I was serving gents and in general looking after them in the bar. That was then I realised I should perhaps be working with men only. The idea of working for London escorts had still not popped into my head.

I was 21 years old when the idea of working for London escorts came to me. These girls used to come in rather late at night into the bar. They kind of stood out from the crowd, and I soon realised that they did not have a run of a mill job. One of the girls were really friendly and she explained that she worked for a London escorts service. I was taken back as I thought that she was way too classy to be an escort in London..

A couple of weeks went past, and I kept thinking about London escorts. The girl who had been very friendly to me approached me and we started to talk about escorting in London. She explained that their escort service was kind of short of escorts and why did I not consider becoming escort. I had not done badly for myself, but at the same time I realised that I needed to do something else to fulfill my life. A couple of days later I did my first shift with the London escorts service the girls worked for, and I was soon on my way to my imperfect past in the adult industry in London.

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