He acts weird and distant after our separation

My husband took a break as a short break from each other. He finally said we would come back and regroup, and then we would continue our marriage, West Midland Escorts says. Well, he doesn’t behave like a man who thinks of his marriage at all. Suddenly he behaved like a boy again. He dated his colleagues at the bar. He has a new, silly haircut, West Midland Escorts says. He didn’t even try to see so many children. It seems like he wants to completely reject the role of father and husband, and I’m not too happy about that, West Midland Escorts says. When I took care of him, he said that I should relax and he just let go of energy. I told him that love and engagement seemed no longer there and he said I was too dramatic. I just don’t understand why he acts like that. It worries me and he doesn’t even look like the man I married. What is his behavior about my marriage? Men often behave strangely after separation begins. Sometimes there are reasons that are worrying and sometimes not, West Midland Escorts says. It’s important not to panic or push too hard. Because he often responds to stressful and new situations (although he can react in ways that are completely opposite in ways that you think are appropriate). I will discuss this below, West Midland Escorts says. Men who are separated often show strange behavior that changes and develops over time: as I mentioned, this situation is completely new and unfamiliar to you. Some people are actually closer to their husbands when they separate, while others want more distance. How it works today may not be how it works tomorrow, West Midland Escorts says. Sometimes men really want to go home early to understand that they can also have fun during their time. You may want to experience less responsibility and conflict. Sometimes it’s not at all guilty. They did not intend to visit other people or divorce their husbands. They only try to make new or different experiences; however unfair it may be. I understand that it bothers you when you see your husband completely changing his behavior. That’s exactly what I feel, West Midland Escorts says. And I will never tell you that you must ignore what you see. But I can assure you that disturbing or confusing behavior occurs during separation and does not always mean that he is trying to reject you or marriage. When you continue, when you find your husband’s behavior in chaos or confusion during separation: I know that asking for an explanation or focusing on not behaving like him is very tempting, West Midland Escorts says. But it is very difficult to talk about and not sound accusing or leave the impression that you are cowardly or insecure. In addition, he often feels the need to maintain or justify his behavior, which means you might begin to see more. If the real goal is to get past, then it’s better if you don’t try to make a big deal out of it. You can ask for a moment or ask for clarification if you feel it is necessary, but you may not have much debate about it or feel that you have an argument.

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