Is Your Man a Fiddler?

I hate it when I am trying to go to sleep after my charlotte London escorts shift and my boyfriend starts to fiddle with me. Most of the time we have already made love, and he starts to fiddle with my bits. He seems to get a real kick out of that but I hate it. I am really tired when I have finished for the night at London escorts, and I just want to go to sleep. He has a job which is far less demanding than mine, and I know that he does not appreciate how tired I am.

But, there are upsides to our relationship. Most of the girls that I work with at charlotte London escorts do not have any boyfriends at all. They have been in relationships and they have simply not worked out. I don’t mind being on my own, but I like to have someone to come home to at least a couple of the week. That is one of the things which is so great about my boyfriend. He understands that I am really committed to working for our London escorts service.

The other thing that he does which is really sweet is to cook me dinner. Sometimes when I have finished at London escorts for the night, I am too tired to have something to eat, but he always makes me something. It may just be a glass of champagne and a sandwich, but it is a little treat. I know that many of the other girls at our charlotte London escorts are a little bit jealous of me and the way my boyfriend looks after me. Like I say to them, it is good to have a special man in your life.

That is not the only thing that he does which is special. I am sure that he loves to look after women, because often when I come home from London escorts, he has bought some fresh flowers. It just looks so romantic and I love that about him. On occasion, he has even cleaned up the flat and done the ironing. I have never heard any of the other girls say that they have met a man who has done their ironing, I simply love that about him.

Okay, there is a bit of a downside to the relationship. But, I have learned from my time with London escorts that no relationship is really perfect. You really do need to be happy to take the rough with the smooth and I guess that I do that in many ways. I am not sure that I love this guy, but I do love most of the things that he does for me. To most of the other girls I work with at London escorts, he seems really sweet. I suppose that is a good way to describe him – he is really sweet and I guess that is why I like having him around. Is the perfect man? Well, if I could stop him fiddling with me, I think that he would be the perfect man for me.

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