Surprising my petite escorts in her birthday


She didn’t know that I have a surprise for her on her birthday. It was the grandest and unforgettable one because it is also the time that I propose to her. She is very happy that moment and I, too. She didn’t expect that I can do it for her, because I am not the type of man who is vocal to everything. I also have plans but I do not want to spill it when it’s not yet sure. This time I am sure enough to marry my petite escort. Petite escorts from are always been there for me no matter what. She is there for me through ups and downs in my life that is why I am very happy to become her husband. The first time I saw this petite escorts I already have feelings for her. But I am trying to control my emotions because it was our first meeting. It was my friend Josh who book that petite escorts. I was never been a man like this before, I am the type of guy who is very playbook and don’t like serious relationships. I do not feel like entering a relationship because I enjoy being single with lots of men. Yes I did a lot of crazy things in the past, but this woman really drives me crazy. She makes me things I didn’t want to do. She makes me do lots of craziness in my life. That is why this petite escort really changes me. I start to become a better man for her to accept me. She knows well my record because Josh is her friend too. She knows how I play with woman’s that is why it is hard to earn her trust. But I like the version of myself now, I know now how to value woman’s and other people’s feelings. I am not selfish anymore, I think about others before doing things. Petite escorts are a nice woman, she is not an ordinary one, if a lot of woman enjoys partying, and well she is not. She enjoy being at home, helping her family and save money for her future. She has no boyfriend ever since that is why I am so lucky to be given a chance to become his man. She makes it hard for me to court her, it was really challenging but they say, what’s worth it never comes easy. This woman is one of a kind that is why I have done my best to be a good partner. Ever since we are in a relationship, she loved and cared for me. She supported me everything throughout my journey that is why I have think of that in her birthday I want to be the one to give her a surprise. I invited everyone that close to us, witnessed by many people I kneel down to her and asked her hand. She said yes to me, her birthday become more happy and full of love.

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